About me.

Hello! If you are reading this, then you’re probably one of the following –

1. A stalker; or
2. A clueless son of a bitch who has landed here after a series of clicks; or
3. An admirer; or
4. All of the above

Whoever you are, I welcome you to my blog.

I have a pretty lonely existence because I believe the world isn’t ready for me to unleash my social side yet by way of small talks and chit chats so I prefer to surround myself with the best company I can get – me, myself and I.

*Imagine Spartacus saying this in his husky, manly voice whilst showing his sexy bare chest*-
This space is where I turn to if I have a bad day and want to bitch about it.
This space is where I express everything that requires expression.
This space is where I write anonymously without judgement and condemnation.
This space is where I attempt to be humorous amongst other things.
This space is where I am born again.


Thank you for stopping by. In case you ever want to experience what it’s like to interact with an uptight tambrahm, then feel free to shoot me an email on indianhumor@hotmail.com. The timing of my response is purely subjective to my mood and your birth stars. Extra quick response if you want to pay me actual money to write.


I’m Indian humor and I approve this message


5 thoughts on “About me.

  1. ShethP says:

    Apparently, even after reading this I’m still on page one. Hm. Guess I’ll have to read your posts to get to know more. 😛 Which makes me wonder, “Is this some kind of trick?” I would add #5. Guided by curiosity.


    • Hahah, if only I was smart enough to have come up with that scheme myself. But no, that is not the intention here….No trick, I promise. Your curiosity is well received and much appreciated. Please read my posts and get to know me better.


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