Working late.

A typical scene in any multinational company :

Employee – “Sir, may I leave for the day?”

Boss *looks at the clock* – “It’s only 6:00 P.M. Did you finish that report I asked you to?”

Employee – “Yes sir.”

Boss – Sigh. *looks around desperately for 5 mins and then gives an evil grin* “Take a look at this report done by a new joinee. You will find mistakes so finish this up and then you may leave”.

Employee – *looks at the 200 page report, imagines a parallel universe where he can beat the shit out of his boss and get away with it and then finally orders dinner*.

People who are unemployed – We need to talk.
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The election that wasn’t

*I wanted to get this post out there before Ashish Shakya’s weekly column comes out and makes all the following write ups’ look like dog shit*

The Indian General election came to an extraordinary end on 16th May, 2014. Mr. Narendra Modi, the PM designate swept the nation with a historic victory. It was indeed an eventful day, one that needs to be penned down and restored by way of inclusion in school history/civics textbooks.
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India vs. India

Disclaimer: Highly subjective and controversial topic, one that needs an open and mature mind to appreciate.

Usually the inspiration for my blog posts come from news articles, social websites and my idiotic friends. Something they do or something I read about tickles my funny bone, thus inspiring me to voice my opinions through my blog. The reason why I gave you this background is because, this particular post is not based on anything I read lately, notwithstanding the fact that it has been an issue that we are facing for a really long time. It has reached to a point where some 23 year old needs to make a mockery out of it. So consider me filling the position.

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The big fat south Indian wedding preparations – Part 1

You know how it works in India – boy meets parents, parents fall in love with boy, parents arrange their girl’s marriage with boy and boy and girl live happily ever after. Well, the last part is subjective. Sounds easier and faster than it really is, trust me! With all due respect to the Indian culture, I have to say that the preparation that goes into this alliance is so tedious and frustrating that I suggest you reconsider having your second child.
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The information SCAM!!!

Okay, I AM ANGRY! and angry me is very hard to convince or to reason with. If I have a dark side, then this is IT!

They call themselves the “best” in the business and claim to have received thousands of good reviews at various discussion forums but as always they are just TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! Yes, I am talking about those gazillion websites out there preaching the great gospel of unlocking and jailbreaking an iPhone. The only teeny-tiny formality to be fulfilled to get the so called “risk free service” is making a payment of $30-$40, which in INR comes to about Rs.1500-Rs.2200.
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