Virtual reality

You may have seen horror movies before, where a 5 year old kid has this make believe friend that he (why did I write he?) interacts with. I never had such make believe friends but I did make up for that (sort of) later with the help of a little something called technology.

I have many internet friends that I have never seen before but interact on a daily basis via social mediums. They come from different cultural backgrounds, different lifestyles but they all share one mutual interest with me. It can be either sports, music, blogging or even a cocky attitude towards life.

They maybe intangible but they are close to me, closer than any college friend, office colleague or building friend can be. You can be yourself with them and they in turn with you. You like them, you continue the friendship. You don’t, you walk away. No hard feelings.

I need them more than you can imagine!

They are the only form of human contact that I got to choose. They are my friends because I let them, not because we’re working in the same company or because my parents like her parents. That control is what I want, it’s what I need and it’s what I crave for everyday!

Living in my room has been cool and all but for how long? I want recognition (ironic, coming from an anonymous blogger, who was made to be anonymous). I want to be in other people’s stories. I want to make a mark. There are many things one can do alone, like watch movies, listen to music or read a novel, but how are these activities impacting anyone other than you? Isn’t that important too – a life of impact and not mere existence. If you’re above all this, then I suggest you climb the Himalaya, meet the monk who sold his Ferrari and lead an enriching life while your balls/nipples freeze.

I keep calling myself a loner but am I truly? or was I made to be?

On giving this a lot of thought I have come to the conclusion that I was made to be a loner. I adapted to the strict, disciplined lifestyle that my father laid down for me. I accepted it and tried to be happy. But I guess now I’m too old to keep fooling myself. I want out and I want it NOW!!!

For the first time in this blog, I declare myself to be a social animal (a.k.a human). There, I said it!

Being raised under a strict tambrahm environment, by a disciplinarian of a father, I realized that I needed to be a rebel someday and do things that I love and gave importance to.

Only, I realized it too late, but better late than never, right!?

Having a lot of internet friends gives me that outlet to socialize, without having to leave my house or “ask” for it. It allowed me to meet new people, learn their perspective on life and enable me to grow faster. It is in a way cheating, but i’m proud to be that cheater.

People have best friends from school. Not me! I have best friends from the internet world, who live in different parts of the country and know me well enough to know the color of my undies.

Well, maybe not all of em.

PS – This post is not intended to propagate the idea of being rebellious and disrespecting others, but it is intended to get you to do what you love, make an impact in life and in turn start respecting yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Virtual reality

  1. In public interest, let’s just start a fun game of guessing the blog writer’s name.

    Clue 1- A traditional stringed Indian instrument played by folks to invoke the blessings of the almighty when they run out of cocaine. 😉 Come on guys, now if u don’t get it you are definitely a cross breed between Ishaan Avasthi of Taare Zameen Par & Hrithik Roshan kid version in Koi Mil Gaya.No offense.


  2. Hey there,

    Nominated you for an award as a token of my appreciation, again. Check it out in my blog. Accept / Decline it as your blogging rules permit.

    Get well soon, Hugs!!!


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