Adam and Linux 2.6

I just finished watching ‘her’ – the movie and I have to say that there has not been a single movie at least in 2014 so far that has made me feel the way I felt while watching ‘her’. It is truly a remarkable movie, one that needs to be watched and appreciated by everyone. Being a tech junkie and a loner myself, I found the idea of having an operating system as your life partner truly inspiring and more importantly convenient.

Think about the amount of time and energy that goes into just to get that cute boy or girl to acknowledge your existence. All that can be saved for just a price of an operating system. *sold*

No more playing mental games like –

– Waiting for the other person to text first;
– Playing the ignorant bastard to gain his/her attention;
– Showing more interest in someone else to arouse jealousy and desperation;
And pretty much every other game out of the “Playbook” that the ever so awesome and suited up Barnabus uses to score chicks.

But now with an OS, imagine the perks –

– You can change his/her voice to anyone you desire (I prefer Vin Diesel’s voice)……….
*snaps out of her 10 mins drool fest*
– You can be with him/her anytime you want with a touch of a button.
– There is no concept of cheating or commitment in this type of an equation. (Ross’s, “we were on a break” would have been legit)
– You’re the boss and you call the shots like you always wanted to.
– Every night is sex night unless YOU don’t want to, which is very rare ‘cos you’re a dog. Besides, being a citizen of the second highest populated country in the world, I’d say having sex with an OS would do us all a lot of good.

There are many more perks obviously but those 10 mins with Vin Diesel wasn’t quite enough for me, so just watch the movie already.

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12 thoughts on “Adam and Linux 2.6

  1. Hey there,
    It’s fun, same like I consider my car but come on…who are we kidding? This is like finding excuse to get detached from the society πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Agreed that unless you find the right people socializing can be a disaster. Trust me, socializing is not bad until it’s overdone. whatever …!
    Sex with OS…Good luck ..hehehe.. πŸ˜€


  2. Loved that movie! From falling in love with a stranger you meet online to falling in love with an OS, I wouldn’t be surprised if our future is headed in that direction!!
    That level of customization, hahaha, if only we could pick n chose in real life πŸ˜›
    Ive been meaning to get the DVD for a while now, think it’s about time πŸ™‚


    • The movie is called ‘her’ because the main protagonist is a man while the OS is a female voice…it works the other way also which they show in the movie as well πŸ™‚ have you seen the movie yet???


  3. Scarlett’s voice is just wow in the movie..
    I understand where this comes from.. It’s so much more easier to be with someone with whom you don’t have to hold appearances.. The dude in the movie does try at first, but then as he goes with, it turn out to be much more intimate..
    If only πŸ™‚


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