If Monday is blue, Friday is yellow!

Ever observed the drastic change in people’s moods over the seemingly perpetual  week?

I have!

Dawning Monday has everybody venting their frustration! No more waking up just before lunch time or having late afternoon naps.

By Tuesday people have moved on a little and are trying to cope, hoping the week will soon fly by. They still continue counting the no. of days left before their weekend starts and with it their movie marathon.

By the time it’s Wednesday, half the battle is already won. Survival of the fittest, this is what Darwin meant.

Thursday can be split into two parts. Pre-lunch and Post-lunch.
Pre-lunch Thursday moves at a snail’s pace, time seems to not pass at all. Every minute feels like an eternal hour!
Post-lunch Thursday goes by no sooner it arrives! *BAAM* and it’s gone.

Friday! well it’s a carnival of sorts. Need leave approvals or expense reimbursements? take them on this beautiful day when your bosses are too generous and high dreaming of the weekend ahead to care a damn. Cash on it while you can! Work is barely on anybody’s mind.

Saturday & Sunday———*zoop*————Monday’s here again!

And this continues till you are released by the inevitable cure of death or retirement, whichever comes earlier. On that sweet note – Happy weekend peeps!

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