World cup fever (la la la)

So now that FIFA world cup 2014 is around the corner I have set some ground rules at home :-

1) Dibs on the remote control for the entire month;
2) The loo must be vacated during half time, even if you are halfway done with it;
3) Highlights and replays will be watched with the same enthusiasm;
4) No weddings or funerals will be attended before the world cup is over;
5) Adequate food and drinks will be provided to friends who come over to watch the game;
6) Cursing (of the worst kind) at home is allowed during world cup season, so remove all your illusions of having a sweet and innocent daughter;
7) Advance payment will be made to the cable guy along with asking him to sign an undertaking stating that no claim for damage can be made if due to the cable going out during the world cup season, he/she was beaten to death or somewhere close to death;
8) No asking silly questions like, “is the team wearing the blue jersey chelsea?or “is it Chelsea vs. England?”
9) No disrespectful comments about football in general or my psychotic obsession with it; and

Non compliance of any of the aforementioned rules will result in cleaning of my room for the next 6 months including reorganizing my book shelf ( 4 floors; 1000 plus books) in alphabetical order after you have arranged it genre wise.

Fair enough, right!?

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15 thoughts on “World cup fever (la la la)

  1. Let me be the first one to comment on this : VAMOS LA’ BRASIL., Come on Brazil…..:D
    I hope your parents don’t disown you after the fifa 2014 😛
    Can’t believe there are still 8 days to go.
    Happy world cup watching (y)


  2. I admire girls who are into sports 🙂 I just don’t follow it…same with politics. I don’t understand anything…like a foreign language. I am obsessed with drawing/painting and now, writing.


    • I love sports..always have and always will…politics is also not my thing…I just stay in touch with it through news app that I have on my phone…you will always find me at home in my room, playing with my gadgets 🙂


  3. ShethP says:

    People, people, please! Y’all know Spain is so gonna win! 😉 Considering that Germany and Spain are like arch rivals, Germany is still a team I’ll be rooting for if Spain doesn’t make it (which I highly doubt – in which case, GO SPAIN!).
    Haha, all this reminds me of the fact that India doesn’t play and we have the easy option of supporting any country. 😀


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