Birthday bumps!

For people seeking attention, birthdays seem to be well received. For someone like me who hates the spot light and the scrutiny that comes with it, birthdays are a big pain in the behind. This is why I don’t look forward to my birthday –

1. Not being allowed by social norms to sleep before 12 A.M. because apparently my friends are still in the 2nd grade.

2. Answering calls and making small talk with everyone, including the lovely sales representative from HDFC bank (they understand my world).

3. Getting birthday wishes from unknown numbers and feeling awkward to reply, “who’s this?” so saving that number as “Pehchan kaun” and checking the profile pic on WhatsApp to identify the sender. *gosh the things I do to escape interaction*

4. Getting gifts from friends, which in turn creates an obligation for you to give them a gift on their birthday. *don’t give me that look, you know what I’m talking about*

5. And the most important reason being, you can’t skip taking a shower on your birthday. You just can’t.

Well, today is my birthday and I can assure you one thing – I smell really good.

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15 thoughts on “Birthday bumps!

  1. No.4th happens every year to me!! I mean it feels awkward to get a gift from someone who u have barely said hello to, and later we are in a situation to buy something for their bday, or we die out of guilt…


  2. Let me list out my blogs and what happened to them
    I started at the age of 7 years (yes I had been an internet freak since then)
    Miley and Selena rocks – dead
    Selena sweety- dead
    Miley’s hallow – dead
    Ranbir Kapoor Planet- dead
    Deepika dazzle – dead (it existed only for a day)
    Random journey- dead
    And at last
    Purrfectgirl – which I hope won’t die…… JUST HOPING


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