The election that wasn’t

*I wanted to get this post out there before Ashish Shakya’s weekly column comes out and makes all the following write ups’ look like dog shit*

The Indian General election came to an extraordinary end on 16th May, 2014. Mr. Narendra Modi, the PM designate swept the nation with a historic victory. It was indeed an eventful day, one that needs to be penned down and restored by way of inclusion in school history/civics textbooks.

Being a finance student, I am more inclined towards watching CNBC and playing the drinking game where i take a shot of warm milk every time Latha Venkatesh ‘uhhs’ or ‘umms’ before completion of a sentence, but today i am going to take a bite on politics and in the process try to convey my true feelings on it. Don’t get me wrong, I do follow politics on a holistic sense but I may not consider my knowledge to be deep enough to write an entire post on it. But here goes nothing.

For months we have been listening to, “abki baar modi sarkar” and as annoying as it was to see people place their blind faith on one party, I was more concerned about the concept of Indian elections.

I believe the system of elections in India have to be changed in its entirety. We elect the members of parliament but not the prime minister or president of this country who has the sole power of policy making. Not to sound like an anti Indian or a wannabe American but while I was in Baltimore visiting my brother in 2012, I was able to witness the entire presidential election process conducted there and I have to say I was quite taken by it. People want to see change and while big promises are made during campaign, we see disappointment during their ultimate implementation, which is followed by a blame game on News hour to justify it. Voting for a single candidate proves for better accountability and deeper scrutiny in case of deviation from promised goals.

Give power to the man or woman you vote for and see him/her under the weight of your expectations and hope. Place your faith on a party consisting of members who don’t even stand in your constituency and for whom you haven’t casted your vote for and see power in the hands of undeserving people.

One nation = one leader

I know that this issue was debated and fought upon earlier and I also know that asking for such a radical change would be like asking Arnab to shut the fuck up sometimes, but am I being unreasonable here to see better representation of power and duty for this country, which I am proud to call my own? Am I?

The person that we vote for should truly deserve to earn our vote and should not be voted for merely because they are lesser of two evils. I guess this issue has been addressed by the implementation of NOTA system where people are giving voice to their dislike and which may prove to be a revolutionary step in the future. 1.1℅ of the total votes was in favor of NOTA this year. I wonder how many people will opt for it in the future.

Will this election that wasn’t be put to practice maybe not in my lifetime but at least before my kid’s skin begins to sag?? What are your thoughts?

PS – Modi sarkar, don’t you disappoint me.

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