The information SCAM!!!

Okay, I AM ANGRY! and angry me is very hard to convince or to reason with. If I have a dark side, then this is IT!

They call themselves the “best” in the business and claim to have received thousands of good reviews at various discussion forums but as always they are just TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! Yes, I am talking about those gazillion websites out there preaching the great gospel of unlocking and jailbreaking an iPhone. The only teeny-tiny formality to be fulfilled to get the so called “risk free service” is making a payment of $30-$40, which in INR comes to about Rs.1500-Rs.2200.

They make tall promises and give you lifetime guarantee, not to mention 6 months money back guarantee but don’t be fooled by these con artists, who think they can strive off scamming millions of people of their hard earned money. Everything about the website looks promising and tempting but it is all just a big effing show set up to rip us off. The online scams know no national borders or boundaries; they respect no investigative jurisdictions. But, as with all scammers, they have one objective — to separate you from your money!

The website that affected me personally is – (Digital Rivers)

If you visit the website, you can see how genuine it looks on the outside, with their team of dedicated experts, trustworthy unlock service and what not bullshit these swindlers use to sell their product, but once you punch in those credit card details and make the payment, they’ll be like “unlock and what now?”

Always remember to do your homework and research a little before PURCHASING something that isn’t so “physical”. Try asking your best friend, Google for some guidance. Having said that, don’t blindly follow whatever reviews you find on the first page of your Google search result because apparently many reviews are self written and hence unreliable. Asking someone who has used the product previously is the best way to test its credibility but unfortunately, that sort of luxury is rarely ever accessible. Don’t make the mistake I did of going gaga over the “100% reliable and single-click unlock software”, because there is nothing called as a single-click unlock software and I had to learn that the hard way.

Call this an open threat –

Dear assholes,

You scammed me out of $37, that’s 10 points to you. But I got some bad news for you. Cause now, this just got personal. Writing a blog post is far from being done with you…This is just the beginning. I’m going to freaking annihilate you. That’s right, I’m about to go all crazy on your ass. You don’t even know what you started. I WILL GET YOU MOFOS!

Until then – Your worst nightmare

PS: This is the toned down version of my dark side ‘cos of obvious reasons of course.

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2 thoughts on “The information SCAM!!!

    • I got my money back but I don’t know what happened to them…I had stopped the payment and filled out the form and everything. Few days later got the credit. Good enough for me.


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