The alleged conspiracy

Very recently, I learned something about the people that surround me – They need to grow the fuck up.

I have come across many personalities in my 23 years of existence and most of them are fake, except when it comes to writing something on the internet. Mind you, these people I refer to are absolute cowards in person but when given access to a connected group of computer networks allowing for electronic communication, a.k.a The Internet, they seem to suck up all the confidence in the world and proceed to do what they’re best at – Complain, complain and complain some more.

If they made noises about important matters like the Delhi Gang Rape or about the racist fucktards who are linking Miss America’s winner to Al-Qaeda, I would write a poem in their honor or maybe even do it Mayawati ishtyle i.e have a mala made of crisp currency notes , but if it’s going to be about how everything in this whole wide world sucks, then I’m going to call you names. Deal with it!

Watch the movie – Life is beautiful and gain some perspective, which yawl clearly lack. Life is not about how your neighbor is stupid and how babies make you feel sick. Life is more than that. Be grateful to God that you have a family who loves you and most importantly are alive for you to love every day. God knows how many people would want to trade lives with you just for that. And FYI – Including yourself in your condescending words doesn’t make you less annoying, in case you were wondering.

I may use my blog to rant about matters that affect me personally but under no circumstances I am going to treat it as my personal diary, bearing the words, “If you read this, I will have to kill you”, that I lock and hide under my pillow (great, now I have to come up with a new hiding place). Neither should you. Talking about your 5 year-long magical relationship with your boyfriend online and disclosing details that have left a life-long scar on us is not going to make you famous. Who do you think we are? Twilight fans?

Also this life that you keep complaining about is yours to take control and make something happen of it. The more you complain about it like a 2-year-old, the more badly it talks about you and your capability of living life. You say you have dreams and ambitions. I don’t see any gun to your head stopping you from achieving them. If you think that the universe has some conspiracy going on against you? then stop flattering yourself honey, ‘cos the universe would much rather help me take a dump that conspire your downfall.

It’s easy to point fingers at others and judge or comment on their intellect but if that brings you pleasure of any kind, then unfortunately, you ain’t as bright as you think you are. Being a smartass on twitter and coming up with witty tweets all day long brings you happiness? No wonder your life sucks! Get over yourself and your tweets and do something constructive with your life. Just ask yourself, have you made a difference in anyone’s life so far? Have you helped out someone without being held at gun point? OF COURSE NOT! and what has that lead to?

This “nobody-gives-a-shit-about-ranty” blog post.

This alleged conspiracy that you talk about or think about everyday is yours against everything and everyone in this world. Stop being so negative and give life a chance that it deserves.


Grow the fuck up! Simple.

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